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I bought this dress, it said Black or White Dress.I want a Large Black one.

it says black or white but they don't give you an option. And it hasn't even been shipped yet!! And i MUST have it by Friday 8/3/12!!! Its already 8/1/12 and in less than 2 hours it'll be 8/2/12 and I need it by FRIDAY MORNING!!

PLEASE send it to me in ONE business day if you can, I need it ASAP!!It's important that I have it by then!!!/black-or-white-dress-new-4561449

Monetary Loss: $17.


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Actually ys employees should just kill themselves..they are usless pieces of shiiit lol maggots..


Ys employees are just maggots...they all should have been swallowed


Because I didn't get paid till 7/29/12 and that's when I ordered it, and it said it would take 3-5 days and it hasn't even been shipped yet.So that's not my fault at all it's theirs.

And I had no way of transportation to a store since I don't own a car.I always buy online and this is the first problem I've ever had with Yardsellr.


Why did you wait until the last minute to order a dress that you need ASAP? If something came up at the last minute you would have been better off going to local stores and looking.

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