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I have been told by Sugar pinkynot She has told me she has sent a ring to me that I ordered , well I haven't gotten it , And she has sent it and she is also threatening to have you guys go into my account and get her money!! I haven't received it and I have told her this many times, but she rather argue the point than say OK , I do not wish that you go into my account and take money out for any reason , only if I order something will I... Read more

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I sold 80.00 worth of games to a buyer on yardsellrs, after 2 weeks had gone by with no payment from them i emailed and asked where is my money i am normally paid with in 3 to 4 days , they said as soon as we hear from the buyer saying he received it then we will issue you your money , well i went to the post office and got a receipt of when he received the games, then i had my buyer email yardsellrs and tell them that he received the games and... Read more

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Not really mad, just not happy with how slow sales are. I switched to them from ebay, and I may reverse, as I see Yardseller seem to become more about their profits and I actually do not know where to go. Be careful Yardsellr. Your sellers are your bread and butter. Take care of them. I am on the fence right now. But boy sales are so bad.I will make a decision based on their actions but I do not see them improving for the better. It is too bad.I... Read more

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I have been on Yardsellr for over a year. During that time I have watching the site blossom and then die on the vine - due to lack of transparency, juvenile company antics, and obtuse policies. 1. I have 12 test items, again, up for sale on Yardsellr - they are either not Blockified yet, or not in blocks I need them in after a week of posts on the App Board or emails. If they are not blockified appropriately, they will not be seen. They do... Read more

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Purchased an item on yardsellr, was sent an invalid tracking #, contacted seller several times with no response. Contacted Yardsellr several times, no response. Paid via PayPal, so I am hoping I will be covered under buy protection plan. Avoid Yardsellr!!!!!!! What a joke! Purchased a collectible Barbie Doll which I paid $22.22 from a person named Misty Day (Smith) on Oct. 16th and as of today Oct. 27th no response, no Barbie, but they took my... Read more

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It's September 2011 and you've been running out of luck on sites all over the internet to sell your wares. One day you notice an advertisement box on the corner of the screen that says "Tired of Ebay, join Yardsellr." You do and your journey begins..... It's now December close to the holidays, and you've made some great friendships within the community. Nothing feels better than making supplemental income by selling things you no longer need... Read more

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My pal pay $ was taken on Oct 3. Got e-mail saying shipped on Oct. 5. My Post Office checked and said my order was never shipped. I would really like my sweatshirt. Can you find it and ship it. I am really upset. This has never happened to me before. Please help get my order of Mustang Sweatshirt sent to me. Thank You. I was hoping that this Yardsellr was a good place to order something you wanted to buy. Oh where is my sweatshirt, please have... Read more

Was this review helpful? 2 0 ripped me off Does anyone have the yardsellr customer service number. I sold something for $160 on Sept 1st and I have tracking and delivery confrimation it was delivered on the 4th and I still have not been paid. What is going on? I'm pissed This is a horrible way to do your business. What a disgrace, Also they dont even have a number to call , and want to respond only thru email. makes me very upset. Hopefully they can get it... Read more

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I have purchased a few things on Yardsellr that I am totally pleased with. The sellers were nice, shipping was fast and in most cases I got a better deal. The thing I caught though was look up the item that you want on Amazon. It looks like these people are purchasing from there and doubling the price. Just a little FYI, I am a pretty savvy shopper and 9 times out of 10 this is the case. For example, look at what I researched, I LOVE this... Read more

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This was my first sale on Yardsellr. I sold an authentic Louis Vuitton bag and shipped to the buyer with insurance and tracking per the Yardsellr instructions. I provided the tracking number to Yardsellr as instructed. They told me the check would be mailed as soon as I sent them the tracking number. The bag was delivered and it is proven by the USPS website. I was told by Yardsellr they are holding my money until the buyer confirms delivery.... Read more

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